Defects collection

White Rice


Most of the definitions hereunder are issued of ISO 7301 « Rice – specifications », of « Code des usages relatif au riz destiné à la consommation humaine » (Code of uses for the rice destined to human consumption) and of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 3073/95 (Appendix – Definition of grains and broken grains which are not of unimpaired quality).

 We have sometimes modified or specified them, in order to correspond more to the use of the profession and to avoid some mistakes due to their lack of precision. These are the definitions we use the most frequently when no standards are assigned to us.


White rice without defect


•  Yellow kernels riz
• Amber kernels riz
• Stained kernels riz
Spotted kernels riz
• Red streaked kernels riz
• Chalky kernels riz




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