Physical analysis




Whatever the stage of process (Paddy, Cargo, Semi-Milled or Milled, Parboiled, Broken Rice, Bran, Flour), RIZLAB will provide you with precise results :

• Physical Characteristics : moisture content, broken rice percentage, variety admixture, green, red, ambered, chalky kernels, yellow, spotted, stained, etc...

• Milling yields,
• Biometry,
• Evaluation of the gelatinisation delay,
• Cooking test (smell, taste, behaviour at cooking),
• Elongation test,
• Whiteness, transparency tests, milling degree by colorimetry,
• Hydration test,
• Mass of 1.000 grains


As per the National, European or International standards and methods.


The analyses covered by the COFRAC accreditation (accreditation n°1-1099) are : ISO 712, ISO 7301, ISO 6646, ISO 14864, Milling Yield Paddy or Cargo Rice -M015/01 internal method-, contents in foreign matters and damaged kernels -internal method-.


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