Chemical analysis


At all stages of the process (Paddy, Cargo, Semi-Milled, Milled, Parboiled, Brokens, Bran, Flour, Seeds, Straw, Fields, Water), RIZLAB proposes the following analyses :


• Alkali test (Thai Hom Mali)
• May Grunwald (determination of the milling degree for rice by chemical reaction)


boite de petri tubes à essais

• Bacteriological,
• Pesticide residues,
• Mycotoxins,
• Heavy metals,
• Radioactivity,
• Nutritional composition,
• Amylose content,
• Admixture variety by DNA comparison,
• Search of declared GMOs.


Some of these analyses are sub-contracted with partner labs, and/or realised under the COFRAC accreditation. We have selected our sub-contractors for their widely recognised expertise and their methods of analysis, in conformity with the current legislation.

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